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Todd & CR praise a few hashtag tweets, chastize some of them, and then houndout a free condom. Todd addresses a viral tweet about the difference between diabetes 1 and being a fat ass. In a shocking twist Todd calls the left out and CR roughs up the right with a rant of his own! Then we kill celebrities:)

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We hand out 3 rubbers to our awesome #hashtag tweeps. Star Wars fans are going to love Michael Brown and our quick fixes/explanations of Star Wars mistakes. A reject is on the celeb genocide list and Todd tries a gain to get CR to dump the Jesus.

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Uh oh, Todd & CR are alone with microphones. We ease into the election by giving out several hashtag awards, then shit gets nuts! Celebrity Genocide kills at least one hashtagger and somehow Wayne LaPierre gets cum in a a reject's beard. Listen and find out if you survived.

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