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October 12, 2016  

The hilarious Scott White is back in the OMR studio and crowns a new hashtag champ! We find out what a pan sexual is and how to become one. After a little Trump talk we dive into celebrity genocide and get a surprise visit from Jerry Lewis! 

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The hilarious Sam Demaris is back in the OMR studio this week. After crowning a new hashtag champ we shame Canada, annex Mexico, and go on celebrity killing spree! 

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September 29, 2016  

Idaho's funniest man Ryan Wingfield helps us pick several winning tweets! Send us your info and we'll send you that condom! We hit the debate, Tulsa & Charlotte shootings, and wrap it up with some celebrity genocide!

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September 21, 2016  

Michigan sends us their funniest Chippewa! Comedian Andy Beningo make his first trip to Tulsa and picks a new hashtag champ. We discuss Tulsa shooting and by discuss, I mean yell. We cover skittles and the worst bombing we've seen on stage (Sarah Silverman, Dave Chapelle) and what they had in common. Of course we wrap it up with a brief celebrity genocide.

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September 8, 2016  

The talented John Moses makes his first trip to OMR studio! Hilarious comedians Renard Hirsch & Pete Sers are also here. We crown two new hashtag champs before debating how horrible Mother Theresa was to those orphans. As per usual we close up with celebrity genocide.

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September 1, 2016  

Will Marfori takes four planes and 26 hours to get to the OMR studio! Will & Ibo pick hashtag winner then we get into the Kaepernick situation. Later we lighten the mood with good old fashion celebrity murders!

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August 24, 2016  

The one and only Tennessee Tramp is back in studio! She picks a winner and adds an additional prize to the HashTag champ! We have a local news story, a national news story, a round of celebrity genocide and an obligatory Todd vs. CR fight! 

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August 18, 2016  

Steve Mudflap McGrew is back! We crown a new hashtag champ, breakdown the Kurt Metzger - Amy Schumer situation, and squeeze in a brief religion fight :)  

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August 11, 2016  

We have the hilarious T-Rexx back in studio! After awarding hashtag champ we attack CR for still hanging in there with Trump. We have an eclectic group for celeb genocide and a surprise guest at the end of the show!

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August 4, 2016  

Our good friend and fellow podcaster Collin Moulton is with us for a super-sized episode! After crowning this week's hashtag champ we find out how Kentucky embarrassed themselves this week. Zika virus, Olympics, celebrity genocide, and a real life Gallagher story are covered in depth. 

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