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February 3, 2016  

CR, Rick, and Todd announce the winners of the Hashtag game. We cover voting, viruses, and super bowls. Find out in celebrity genocide if Pauly Shore dies *Spoiler Alert- Its not pretty.

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January 28, 2016  

We stay up very late with the hilarious Daryl Felsberg in this rare extended version of the podcast. We crown winners to our new hashtag game! Stick around because it gets weird when Jimmy Durante visits a Hong Kong morning show with Shabazz, Ramen, and CR's version of a woman! 

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January 20, 2016  

We have Idaho's funniest human, Todd Johnson! Trump and nailin' Palin's Tulsa visit, dead rockers, and the white Oscars are covered. As per usual we wrap up with murder!

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January 13, 2016  

The guys give the world sound lottery advice before explaining to Rick Bernie's platform. Celeb genocide is back and there's blood! Stick around because we spend an extra 15 minutes and share our first porn movie experience. 

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January 6, 2016  

We have funny man Dave Graham on the show! If we can reign in our aprosexia we will put together a care package for the #OregonAttacks idiots.

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December 30, 2015  

Todd , CR, and Rick open the show by judging people with bad grammar and poor vocabularies. After the news CR picks his jury. All this and some celebrity genocide!

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December 26, 2015  

There's Nerd Rage, Catholic Rage, Star Wars Rage, and Abstinence Rage all rolled up in one great episode! Make sure you stick around as we wrap up with some Atheist Rage!

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December 3, 2015  

Fun Shit then Murder. Rather than jumping in the deep end of mass shootings and gun violence, our guests Kevin Bozeman & Dave Miller join me in discussing sports and plump naked chicks. Yes, we do get to Trump and mass murders, and of course solve the problems! 

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November 19, 2015  

We have a full house of comedic talent led by comedy vet Dante! The show opens with Todd and Dante chastising Jared Fogel and the Catholic church. We find out that Jeff is a Catholic and the fun begins :)  It's a heavy news week and we get into all of it! These guys are hilarious so make sure you follow them and see them live!

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November 12, 2015  

No Comedians this week. Just us two angry assholes arguing over current events and of course killing a celebrity or two. 

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