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May 25, 2016  

Comedians Drew Thomas & Brian Stephens drop by the OMR studio and pick our  winning tweet. After solving problems in the news we kill a handful of celebs in this week's celebrity genocide.

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May 18, 2016  

The always hilarious Jamal Doman is back in the OMR studio. We discuss trigger words, NBA Playoffs, foreign hagglers, and scumbag Zimmerman selling his gun. Stick around for celebrity genocide/resurrection and find out if the east coast or the west will be happy with our resurrection! 

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May 11, 2016  

The Hilarious Roy Haber hangs out with the rejects this week. After crowning a new hashtag champ, we pick a winner of the NC vs USA fight. We learn of thin privilege which devolves into another yelling match between Todd and Rick. During celeb genocide Roy does an incredible Benicio Del Toro impersonation. 

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May 4, 2016  

After a 3 year hiatus Mike #ImABigDeal Merryfield is back in the OMR studio! We crown a new hashtag champ. Todd pleads with CR to try atheism for at least a week. Mike kills a British Prime Minister and we bring a terrorist back to life just to sign some t-shirts. 

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April 27, 2016  

We have a room full of comedic talent tonight! Headliners Patrick Garrity & Ricky Reyes sit down to talk about everything from dead musicians to whether or not golf is a sport. We kill off a few celebrities, resurrect at least one, and somehow Todd & Rick end up yelling at each other... again. (Todd wins of course)

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April 20, 2016  

Todd & Rick invite comedy club GM Bill Rusk to sit in for absent CR. After announcing the # winner we cover the new $20, NY Primaries, and why fatness is ruining the country. We finish up with a spirited game of celebrity genocide.

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April 13, 2016  

If anything, make sure you tune into the big fight that breaks out in last 5 minutes of podcast. Before the fight, the rejects and fill in guest Kevin Shaw cover this week's news and kill a handful of celebrities. 

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April 6, 2016  

Canada sends one of their funniest comics Trixx Hofstadter to the OMR studio! We talk NBA, Trump, and go on a killing spree in celebrity genocide!

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March 31, 2016  

Our good friend John Tole is back! John only tells the truth so Dre, Rick Shaw and myself have a lot of fun! Congrats to # winner and so long to celebs in celeb genocide.

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March 23, 2016  

The funniest man in Austin, Matt Sadler is back for his record 4th Appearance! We also have the hilarious Bob Khosravi in studio! We take a call from comedian, atheist activist, and blogger Joe DeLong. Fun subjects like foster care, terrorism, Hulk dick, and religious zealots are broken down. Stick around for celebrity genocide!

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