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January 28, 2015  

The very funny Henry Coleman hangs out with rejects tonight! Ben Ratner sneaks out of the Anthony Cumia compound for a brief phone call. We get in a round of Tennessee or Australia, and of course celebrity genocide.  Listen, Subscribe, and Rate!

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January 23, 2015  

The rejects are on their own this week which means excessive ranting about current events. Killings and resurrections on the docket as per usual!

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January 15, 2015  

We have the hilarious Bea Tea in studio this week.  Spenny from the award winning series Kenny Vs Spenny calls in and shares some great stories!  All this comedy gold wrapped up with celebrity genocide!

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January 9, 2015  

The always entertaining Jake Baker makes his second appearance in the OMR studio! We solve the religious extremist problem and then do some killing ourselves in celebrity genocide!

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January 2, 2015  

Our 100th Episode!!! Our good friend Matt Golightly helps us celebrate 100 episodes of mediocrity.  Luckily Matt is hilarious making this one of our best episodes ever!

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December 17, 2014  

Comedy veteran and Corpjester Mark Klein and funny man Aaron Aryanpur drive across the country in the freezing rain to spend a few minutes with the Open Mic Rejects.  We cover the Sony hacking, Sam Jackson song, and of course this week's celebrity genocide!

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December 11, 2014  

The hilarious Nat Baimel is on the show this week!   We solve racism and police brutality before smoothly transitioning into killing people!  Listen, share and interact with @todd_gillett & @natbaimel

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November 19, 2014  

Comedian, Arkansan, and most importantly OMR subscriber Keith Terry does overtime with the rejects.  We solve the Cosby crisis, discuss Ferguson, and compare China to Arkansas!  Don't miss it, this is a good one!

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November 13, 2014  

Beautiful Detroit sends Nate Armbruster back to the podcast!  Ferguson protestors, Kim's ass, and Lou Ferrigno's duck-like intellect are discussed. Dumb laws, Michigan vs. Brazil!

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November 5, 2014  

The rejects are flying solo this week!  Midterms, pot, and Adrian Peterson are discussed.  Then we expose and kill a chicken rapist!

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