Open Mic Rejects A comedy show with the best touring comedians in the country! No boring interviews, just topical discussions and juvenile games with the funniest comedians on tour!

It's a Todd & Rick handing out condoms and opinions. We solve the missing CR mystery, answer a weird question and figuratively kill celebrities. 

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Funny man Kris Covi is in the OMR studio this week. We hand out some prizes for the best #IAmAClimateChangeDenier before Todd defends himself from a virtue signaling mad tweeter. We give you March Madness winners and wrap up with celeb genocide!

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The funniest caffeine free vegetarian in the country stops by OMR studio tonight. That's comedian Jose Sarduy and he picks our #UsesForDeadFlowers winner. We talk about porn-hub traffic on  valentines day, cultural phenomenons, and more before a round of Celebrity genocide! 

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We have comedian Evan Hughes in studio. Throughout the podcast Evan drops hints on the mystery of his virginity with a big reveal at the end! We pass out some hashtag awards and play America's favorite game celebrity genocide! 

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We pick a new hashtag champ and take a moment to thank Podbean for Podcast of the week honors! Todd yells at guest for being a Catholic, CR defends Trumps cabinet while we berate him, and then a there is a bloodbath in celebrity genocide.

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January 11, 2017  

Funny man AJ Finney is back in the OMR studio and picks a new hashtag champ for the #TimeCapsuleSurprises game. We get deep into a golden showers conversation and confederate flags. We dispatch  despot and revive a legend in celebrity genocide.


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The rejects are back along with the ghost of Strom Thurmond to pick this week's Hashtag winner. Tweet us if you are one of the #2017FakeNewsPredictions winners and we'll mail you a condom! We hit current events, kill some celebs and revive a dead inventor!

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December 29, 2016  

We have @tulsa_parking parody originator Austin Bryant in today. There's a new hashtag champion for #AliensFirstComments.  Without CR to deflect atheist attacks, Austin gets in the line of fire. Rick Shaw channels Bill Cosby and there's a spirited round of celeb genocide!

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December 14, 2016  

Kansas City sends us their funniest ex-cop, Brad Ellis. We name a new Hashtag champ, discuss who is kissing the ring at Trump Tower, and a pastor gone wild in Texas. Plus a very bloody celebrity genocide. 

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December 8, 2016  

The first time 4-time guest Tony Dijamco is in Studio. We pick a couple hashtag winners before doling out blame for the Oakland fire. Celeb genocide goes after a centarian. A poet is resurrected to party with! 

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