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We have local comedian Ryan Green in studio today! He picks the new hashtag champ and joins Todd in chastizing the perplexing ideas that are stirring around in CR's brain. We breathe life back into one of my favorite people in a spirited round of celebrity resurrection.

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With the help of comedian Matt Golightly we run through a ton of hilarious #DeepThoughtsFromMikePence. We cover the headlines and then Todd tells the story of Bocephus Johnson of Lansing Michigan. Robert E. Lee stops by for a bit and we finish with a crazy game of Celeb Genocide!

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May 18, 2017  

We have the hilarious Andrew Rivers AKA Mr. Cleo back in studio this week. We hand out a few hashtag awards and a god damn magic show beaks out! Plus a speed round of celeb genocide. 

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After reading several #MansplainingWomenStuff tweets we crown new hashtag champs. We fight about race, Comey, and the new French President Macoroni. As per usual it's celeb genocide and nobody is happy with the resurection. 

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This week we have the two funniest people Pittsburgh has ever produced! Comedians Aaron Kleiber and Andy Picaro discuss everything from Pennsylvania demographics to the best way to figuratively murder celebrities. They also pick a new hashtag champ before solving the North Korea crisis. See these guys live and follow them on the twitter...

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We have funny man Jason Cheny in studio! Jason picks one of several winning #In100DaysICouldHave tweets. We make a decision on sanctuary cities. After an exciting game of celeb genocide we perform a shocking resurrection!

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It's an OMR only show as we welcome back CR. After crowning a new hashtag winner we check in a helmet salesman. As per usual we have a fun round of celeb genocide!

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Local comedienne Vanessa Dawn stops by for the first time and decides to move Seattle!? We hand out some new awards before solving the United issue. We play a quick game of celb genocide. 

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We have a great show with comedians Dave Landau & Jeff Oskay in studio. We crown new hashtag champs, get the lowdown on Detroit, solve the Syrian crisis, and have a trial for a high profile case. All that and a spirited round of celebrity genocide.

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March 30, 2017  

We have Tulsa funny man Landry Miller in studio. We pass out some hashtag awards, ask Landry a few weird questions, and Rick develops a new super hero character. We finish up with everyone's favorite game celebrity genocide!

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