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December 27, 2018  

The rejects welcome back Comedians Matt Sadler & Matt Golightly! They read their favorite tweets from the #DeepThoughtsFromDrunkUncle game plus a quick year in review of our Hashtag games!

Unseen Movie Review: Vice / Homes & Watson

We wrap up it up with a speed round of celebrity genocide!

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November 7, 2018  

The rejects read their favorite tweets from the #StupidQuestionsForTheButcher game. Plus a bonus prize from  game.

Unseen movie review: The Girl in the Spider's Web

We put a twist on celebrity genocide by suppressing their votes!

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October 10, 2018  

One of our favorite guests Comedian Greg Morton picks new winners for  game!

Unseen movie review: First Man & The Oath

As always, we bring the show home with a fervent round of celebrity genocide!

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February 2, 2018  

Open Mic Rejects Fan Mail Friday #3 - Todd gets some hate mail, CR is recording from the other room, and Rick Shaw sings.  

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Play our Hashtag game every Tuesday afternoon at 4p cst with the Hashtag Roundup group and have a chance to win a $250,000 (cash equivilent) prize.

The Open mic Rejects are Todd Gillett, Rick Shaw and CR Parsons

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January 19, 2018  

The hosts of The Open Mic Rejects open up some fan mail and respond.

June 21, 2017  

We have funny man Ricky Reyes in studio to hand out rubbers for our #WeddingHeckles winners. We discuss Omarosa's honorability, Gene Simmon's narcissism, and of course Todd yell's at CR for his hard core fairy tale beliefs.

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June 14, 2017  

The hilarious Ralphie Roberts makes his first appearance in the OMR studio. We crown a new hashtag champ, expose a fake news story, and get medievel in celebrity genocide!

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May 18, 2017  

We have the hilarious Andrew Rivers AKA Mr. Cleo back in studio this week. We hand out a few hashtag awards and a god damn magic show beaks out! Plus a speed round of celeb genocide. 

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March 8, 2017  

The funniest man from New Mexico, Curt Fletcher, joins the rejects for the first time. We handout hashtag awards, go on blasphemous rants,  then rename a famous olympic move in celebrity genocide. 

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February 22, 2017  

We have a full house tonight with Comedians Andy Woodhull, Mike Cronin, and all 3 rejects. After crowning a new hashtag champ #TellAUselessLie we discover new planets, discuss, Milo, Lindsey Lohann and try to figure out what Andy is lying about. Finally we play a bloody game of celebrity genocide and resurrect either a grunge god, Aussie god, or a IT god. 

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