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The hilarious Jon Stringer is back in Tulsa! Before he headlines the Loony Bin all week he helps us choose a new hashtag champ for the trending #StupidQuestionsForTheEPA. Jon & the rejects  review SOLO: A Star Wars Story & Book Club in unseen movie review!

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This week the rejects review Deadpool 2 and Bad Samaritan in unseen movie review, but before they do A new hashtag champ revealed!

#DeepThoughtsFromRobertMueller brought the funny from some of our favorite hashtaggers! Comedian Tom King sits in for CR, he helps Todd reign in the locquacious Rick Shaw!

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This week the rejects review Super Troopers 2 & Cobra Kai in unseen movie review but before they do A new hashtag champ revealed! #StupidQuestionsForMexico was fodder for some hilarious tweets and a whole bunch of virtue signalling! The often docile CR Parsons loses his shit with these people and you do not want to miss it!

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We have an awesome shoe tonight! One of our favorite comedians is making his 4th OMR appearence! That's right, Michael Brown joins us to crown a new hastag champ for ! We kick off a new segment called Unseen Movie Review. Basically, we review movies before even we see them to save everyone time! Plus a quick game from Mike's @BrainTrustShow 

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The hilarious Lenny Schmidt stops by the OMR studio and helps us crown a new hashtag champ! We had so many funny #DeepThoughtsFromBabies tweets so we gave at 3 rand prizes! After the news and a spirited game of celebrity genocide we have a first in celebrity resurrection. 

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We have the funniest Veterans in America right here in the OMR studio tonight. Erik Knowles and Will C help us decide the new hashtag champ from this week's game ! We talk about Corey Feldman, Roseanne, and round out the evening with a women's history month version of Celbrity Genocide!

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After gloating over our viral hashtag #DeepThoughtsFromThe80s we read off a few and award prizes. Comedian Mike Speenberg joins us midway through but in time for celebrity genocide!


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The rejects welcome two hilarious headliners in the studio for this week's show. Kris Shaw & Grant Lyon read several hilarious #StupidQuestionsForParoleBoard tweets and crown a new champ! After a spiirited gun debate we ironically transition into this week's celebrity genocide. 

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We have the hilarious Tim Gaither back in studio to pick this week's hastag champ. #DeepThoughtsFromTheBarista trended for several hours and we have a couple winners!

As per usual we have an exciting game of celeb genocide and a tough decision in celeb resurrection!

The Open Mic Rejects are Todd Gillett, Rick Shaw and CR Parsons

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Open Mic Rejects Rejected News #3 - CR is left to his own devices, so you know what you're in for...  

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The Open mic Rejects are Todd Gillett, Rick Shaw and CR Parsons

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