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Comedian Steven Briggs makes his first appearance at the OMR studio! We pass out a few awards for the best hashtag #StupidQuestionsForGhosts! After trying to figure out which is worse Hollywood or Washington DC we find out why Steven takes his phone to the lavatory on international flights. As per usual we finish up with a round of celeb genocide.

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Todd Gillett CR Parsons


We have funny man Jason Cheny in studio! Jason picks one of several winning #In100DaysICouldHave tweets. We make a decision on sanctuary cities. After an exciting game of celeb genocide we perform a shocking resurrection!

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The hilarious Kevin Bozeman is back in the OMR studio and picks a new hashtag champ. We find out why Lincoln was modern day democrat and have volatile argument on free speech. As per usual we wrap it up with murder.

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The hilarious Mike Baldwin is back in the OMR studio. He co-hosted our #Hashtag war with Todd & CR and they all hand out prizes! We talk Shia LaDouche, Mexican imports, and wrap up with a round of celebrity genocide. Stick around til the end as we add two more # winners and revive a highly succesful con man. 

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We hand out 3 rubbers to our awesome #hashtag tweeps. Star Wars fans are going to love Michael Brown and our quick fixes/explanations of Star Wars mistakes. A reject is on the celeb genocide list and Todd tries a gain to get CR to dump the Jesus.

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The extremely talented Steve Poggi is back in studio after a 3 year hiatus! We pick several hashtag winners from our nationally trending #AnnoyPeopleInTheWaitingRoom! We take on important subjects like dildos on football fields and dildos running Baylor University. After a fearful CR spells out a disclaimer, we jump into celebrity genocide!
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October 12, 2016  

The hilarious Scott White is back in the OMR studio and crowns a new hashtag champ! We find out what a pan sexual is and how to become one. After a little Trump talk we dive into celebrity genocide and get a surprise visit from Jerry Lewis! 

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The hilarious Sam Demaris is back in the OMR studio this week. After crowning a new hashtag champ we shame Canada, annex Mexico, and go on celebrity killing spree! 

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September 29, 2016  

Idaho's funniest man Ryan Wingfield helps us pick several winning tweets! Send us your info and we'll send you that condom! We hit the debate, Tulsa & Charlotte shootings, and wrap it up with some celebrity genocide!

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