Open Mic Rejects A comedy show with the best touring comedians in the country! No boring interviews, just topical discussions and juvenile games with the funniest comedians on tour!

It's an OMR only show as we welcome back CR. After crowning a new hashtag winner we check in a helmet salesman. As per usual we have a fun round of celeb genocide!

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Local comedienne Vanessa Dawn stops by for the first time and decides to move Seattle!? We hand out some new awards before solving the United issue. We play a quick game of celb genocide. 

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We have a great show with comedians Dave Landau & Jeff Oskay in studio. We crown new hashtag champs, get the lowdown on Detroit, solve the Syrian crisis, and have a trial for a high profile case. All that and a spirited round of celebrity genocide.

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March 30, 2017  

We have Tulsa funny man Landry Miller in studio. We pass out some hashtag awards, ask Landry a few weird questions, and Rick develops a new super hero character. We finish up with everyone's favorite game celebrity genocide!

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It's a Todd & Rick handing out condoms and opinions. We solve the missing CR mystery, answer a weird question and figuratively kill celebrities. 

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Funny man Kris Covi is in the OMR studio this week. We hand out some prizes for the best #IAmAClimateChangeDenier before Todd defends himself from a virtue signaling mad tweeter. We give you March Madness winners and wrap up with celeb genocide!

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March 8, 2017  

The funniest man from New Mexico, Curt Fletcher, joins the rejects for the first time. We handout hashtag awards, go on blasphemous rants,  then rename a famous olympic move in celebrity genocide. 

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The hilarious Kevin Bozeman is back in the OMR studio and picks a new hashtag champ. We find out why Lincoln was modern day democrat and have volatile argument on free speech. As per usual we wrap it up with murder.

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February 22, 2017  

We have a full house tonight with Comedians Andy Woodhull, Mike Cronin, and all 3 rejects. After crowning a new hashtag champ #TellAUselessLie we discover new planets, discuss, Milo, Lindsey Lohann and try to figure out what Andy is lying about. Finally we play a bloody game of celebrity genocide and resurrect either a grunge god, Aussie god, or a IT god. 

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The funniest caffeine free vegetarian in the country stops by OMR studio tonight. That's comedian Jose Sarduy and he picks our #UsesForDeadFlowers winner. We talk about porn-hub traffic on  valentines day, cultural phenomenons, and more before a round of Celebrity genocide! 

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